The fuck am I?

My name is Louise, I’m 17, I live near London, I dye my hair a lot, I like sex and I’m probably a lot cooler than most people.

Where do you get these pictures?

I’m a huge stalker and just trawl through the internet furiously wanking as I go (so basically I use weheart it alot).

Follow for follow?

I follow like.. 10 people at this time, so me following you back is pretty unlikely. However, I will check blogs out if you ask and if there are at least a couple of fuck-off-sexy boys on there then you may well get a follow back.

Check out my blog?

Message me bruvvvvv.

Promo for promo?

Sure thing, or just inbox me nicely and I might promo you just because I’m lovely like that!

Can you have sex with me?

Yes, yes I can.

If you send me messages or submissions you will make my day and I will happily get naked for you :) :)